U.S. Department of Energy Announces $7.9 Million in Funding to Element Energy for a 50 MWh Second Life Battery Deployment in ERCOT

The Energy Department recently announced $74 million in funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for technologies and processes for second-life battery applications. We are proud to share that Element Energy’s proposal was one of five proposals selected for second use scale up demonstration projects. The funding will support our utility-scale deployment with the country’s largest renewables developer and asset owner/operator. 

Since 2019, Element has worked to develop a Battery Management System that unlocks the opportunity for mass deployment of second-life energy storage systems by overcoming two key technical challenges. The first is to provide enough performance and cycle life to make a second-life application economically viable. The second challenge is safety and the need to improve thermal runaway prevention. 

Element’s unique hardware and software help overcome the challenges in scaling second-life battery systems. Our proprietary technology replaces a traditional power conversion system with a cost-neutral architecture that distributes power conversion. Instead of controlling a Megawatt-hour (MWh) scale battery as a single element with thousands of cells all subjected to the same use profile, Element’s technology independently controls the power flowing in and out of each module. 

The Energy Department’s funding will support Element’s 50 MWh project that works alongside a wind generating facility in West Texas. With this project, Element’s technology will be deployed in a real-world application on the grid, which is key to demonstrating the viability and value proposition of Element’s unique technology. 

“We are thrilled to have the support of the Department of Energy as we deploy our first large-scale project using second-life EV batteries re-manufactured with our proprietary adaptive battery management system,” said Element CEO Anthony Stratakos. “Our mission at Element is to accelerate the energy transition by lowering costs, eliminating safety concerns for battery energy storage and enabling a circular battery economy. Our technology is perfectly suited for use with the growing supply of cost-effective second-life batteries and ensuring these batteries are safe, reliable and economic.”   

About Element Energy  

Element Energy is an advanced battery management technology company founded in 2019 and headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Element utilizes proprietary hardware and software algorithms to improve the safety, intelligence, and economics of large-format battery systems. Element seeks to offer its technology solutions broadly across first and second-life energy storage and EV applications. Element’s shareholder base includes world-renowned renewable energy technology suppliers, asset owners, developers and investors. To learn more about Element Energy, visit ElementEnergy.com. 

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