Element Energy

Element Energy is a dynamic early-stage company that is looking to reimagine battery management.  Our breakthrough algorithms and our patented control system solves critical battery safety and performance issues in the multi-billion dollar large-scale grid storage and electric vehicle battery markets.  Our goal is to reduce the high degradation rates that plague renewable energy and battery storage products, and more importantly, we help mitigate the pervasive problems of battery fires that threaten user safety and property damage.  These solutions are essential for the widespread adoption of clean renewable energy and “the electrification of everything” movement that is changing the world’s renewable energy storage infrastructure.


Element Energy is seeking a Director with substantial industry experience in developing a machine learning (ML) / deep learning (DL) software platform that operates in managed Cloud infrastructure for large-scale IOT fleet of Lithium-ion batteries. This person will be responsible for design and implementation of engineering Cloud platform that integrates ML/DL algorithms in continuous learning with big data from CLB battery products connected fleetwide over the internet. His/Her roles in the data domain will be managing the entire pipeline of data & feature deployment for CLB Cloud that includes managing large-size data, warehousing, DB management, optimized source / flow control, revision control, etc. In the software engineering domain, his/her roles will be managing version / release control, configuration management, CI/CD management, drift & re-training control, etc. This position requires day-to-day co-working with software engineers in data engineering & machine learning / deep learning where frequent, on-demand new feature/function deployments occur as part of regular R&D operations. This is a unique opportunity for someone who is passionate about and experienced in building an integrated software platform of applications and services for next-generation battery management. You’ll be involved in the complete data & software development life cycle from product/system concept through to services for customers.


  • 10+ years of experience in software DevOps for platforms of linux, Windows or embedded systems
  • 10+ years of experience in managing large-size IOT timeseries data for commercial cloud-based services
  • 5+ years of experience in AI-driven software product development (MLOps) for large-scale IOT fleet
  • Mature managerial & hands-on competency in Automated CI/CD of software product to production platform
  • Deep knowledge about development of MLOps pipeline from data acquisition to performance management
  • Deep knowledge about open source tools for MLOps and DevOps
  • Experience in IOT, preferably battery (cell) data analytics that initiates continuous learning
  • MS or higher degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering



  • Design and implementation of entire pipelines of data & software for MLOps / DevOps
  • Design and implementation of automated and optimized CI/CD infrastructure for MLOps / DevOps
  • Construction and upgrades of automated and system-level testing infrastructure for CI/CD
  • Leading and governing design rules and guidelines for data acquisition, coding, testing
  • Constant collaboration with Battery AI engineers and commercial Cloud management teams
  • Big IOT data management with respect to size, spontaneous query, traffic, lifecycle, etc.
  • Development & evaluation of performance metrics toward deployed functions and features
  • Regular internal & external evaluation of functionality, performance, cost, etc.
  • Participating in regular cross-functional collaboration with software engineering teams
  • Independent and joint rapid response for troubleshooting in software & systems related issues

Preferred Skills

  • Hands-on software skills for design of entire MLOps pipeline that works as engineering AI-backed Cloud
  • Coding/scripting and automated verification of implemented work with python, other programming languages
  • Business-centric evaluation of implemented algorithms/ ML&DL models by developing performance metrics
  • Hands-on for designing server-client, web (app)-based computer architecture and Cloud managed services
  • Highly proficient in multiple programming languages, such as C, Python, Javascript, etc.
  • High familiarity in Linux-based CLI programming environment
  • Database management with sql and / or no-sql data structures
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication

Element Energy is an equal opportunity employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

To apply for this job email your details to recruiting@elementenergy.com