The Future of Battery Management

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Finds & mitigates failures in advance of thermal runaway
Each battery cell is continuously monitored for outlier behavior and suspicious cells can be deeply diagnosed in the field without impacting the output of the pack. Safety and performance concerns of individual cells are mitigated through adaptive charging routines and weak or failed cells are isolated while the pack continues to operate. Fault response is up to 100x faster than conventional BMS, providing a quicker and safer resolution to prevent cascading failures.


Up to 50% increased battery lifetime
Our cell management algorithms iteratively monitor, model and manage the operation of each cell in the pack independently, reducing wear and extending the life of each cell and the entire pack. The fastest-aging cell no longer limits lifetime and rollover fade in deeply cycled packs is avoided to a much lower state-of-health.


Up to 50% higher energy throughput over life
Battery packs with conventional BMS are limited by the weakest cell. Element’s BMS is able to fully utilizes each cell’s available capacity, eliminating stranded energy. This advantage grows with time as the cells in conventional BMS packs age differentially.
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Element’s investors include world-renowned renewable energy technology suppliers, deployers, and investors


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