Cell-Level BMS™

Improving the safety, energy throughput and lifetime of large lithium-ion battery packs


What We Do

Element Energy’s Cell-Level BMS (CLB) utilizes adaptive cell-learning algorithms to improve the safety, energy throughput and lifetime of large lithium-ion battery packs.  We aim to make grid-tied energy storage safer and more dependable, with levelized cost of storage up to 50% lower than is possible with conventional battery management systems (BMS).

More Energy Throughput

Battery packs with conventional BMS are limited by the weakest cell. CLB fully utilizes each cell’s available capacity, providing the full runtime and total energy capability of the pack. This advantage only grows with time as the cells in packs with conventional BMS age differentially.

Enhanced Lifetime

Our cell management algorithms iteratively monitor, model and manage the operation of each cell in the pack independently, reducing wear and extending the life of each cell and the entire pack.

Improved Safety

Weak or failed cells are isolated while the pack continues to operate. Fault response is up to 100x faster than conventional BMS, providing a quicker and safer resolution to prevent cascading failures.


Who We are

Our Management Team has decades of experience in lithium-ion battery R&D, battery energy storage systems, renewables, AI, software, hardware and semiconductors, a long track record of execution and passion and commitment to renewables.

The Team

Anthony Stratakos, Ph.D.

Seth Kahn

Rainer Fasching, Ph.D

Yves Saw, Ph.D.

Rob Koch

Senior VP of Business Development

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Board of Directors

Anthony Stratakos, Ph.D.

Seth Kahn

Robert McIntyre

LG Tech Ventures

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The company is well-funded by strategic and venture capital investors.

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